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What is the Revolt Career Network?

It’s a movement about self empowerment in the workplace that both employees and employers will benefit from. The methodology written in the book BYOB Revolt, now used on all of our platforms, is a brick by brick strategy to navigate your professional destiny on your terms. Unlike other professional development tools, the Revolt Career Network provides tangible takeaways, goal setting standards with specific metrics for measurement and timelines for proven professional success. The method only works, if you do!

Our Mission

We've made it our mission to challenge the status quo with how we talk about careers. Through our programs and partnerships, we are committed to provide resources and tools that allow self awareness and accountability be in the driving force in advancement. But what's important to know is that the foundation of the Revolt Career Network are the people. The people on our official team and our Revolters (who are part of the Network) living this day in and day out. We are dedicated to elevate the conversation and create a professional world that operates and advances efficiently through value driven ideals.

The Method

The Revolt Career Network uses a strategic approach to professional development based on the key components of: self reflection using a custom persona tool, accountability check-ins through specific success metrics and time frames, and embracing individuality through values alignment. The standard documentation centers its measurement of BYOB core statistics, personal bests and vanity metrics. These elements are part of our proprietary method authored by Jennifer Fitta. Our enterprise, higher education and individual programs are IACET Accredited.

Jennifer is a seasoned Business Strategist who worked her way up to the C-Suite through her passion and expertise in Marketing. Prior to the Revolt, she's worked in Corporate America, with Start-Ups and the Agency world advising companies across all industries. She attributes her professional success to her trademarked growth method in her 2019 book BYOB Revolt. She's authored each program, oversees strategy, lives for rigorous research and validation! Jennifer takes pride in thinking outside the box. Her favorite pastime is challenging the status quo.

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